Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


I purchased this vehicle in December 2001 because it is pretty unusual (in the USA) and was in good enough shape for "preservation" as a fire appliance.

This is a Carmichael Redwing FT/6 Crash Tender. It is based on a 1962 Series IIa 109 Land Rover with a pickup body. The conversion makes it a Forward Control, but underneath it is still pretty much a standard 109.

It's been fitted with a Santana Overdrive and at some point some wiring changes were made to modernize the electrical system. It has a standard 4 cylinder petrol engine.

This website is for documentation on the vehicled, its restoration (or preservation) and related information.

Important Note
I'm in Maryland, in the United States. There aren't too many Redwing conversions here - this may well be the only FT/6 CrT conversion! All of the fire appliance type of hardware had been removed from this vehicle long before I bought it. I'm looking for specific information on lights, bells, horns, ladders, hoses, mounting positions, interior details, and possible UK sources for hardware. Any information that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. See my E-Mail page for contact information.

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